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Textbook Troubles!

Updated: Apr 7, 2021

Having taught in Kuwait for a number of years one thing became very clear - the schools loved their textbooks. The problem, however, was that they weren't always purposeful. The KG2 children I taught were always baffled when they looked at them with far too many instructions on one page, which of course they couldn't read. Even as the teacher - I would look at the book and the actual task wouldn't even be that clear or useful.


With Desert Learning's Phonics and Sight Word Student Workbooks all parties can be satisfied as the workbooks are designed in a simple way. To the point. No unnecessary words. Easy for parents, teachers and children to follow. Children can write directly in the book and take them home at the end of the year. Parents are able to see exactly what their child has learnt and the teacher doesn't really need to supplement the book with their own materials (imagine all the paper you will save). These books have it all!

Desert Learning's Phonics Student Workbook 1 and Sight Word Student Workbook 1 and 2 provide activities that are SO USEFUL! Each activity has a specific purpose and the learning journey is very clear. It makes it less daunting for a new teacher of ESL students for sure and it even makes it easier for children to learn (they do come with Teacher Guidebooks too which include lesson plans for the entire year).

In the Phonics Student Workbook the children cover the whole alphabet which I think is very appropriate for children new to English. Each sound is introduced with LOTS of vocabulary so they continuously build up their word bank. There is a great balance of learning the sound and applying it to the world around them.

The Sight Word Student Workbooks are EXACTLY what my class needed. It includes activities like finding the right sight word and sorting them out by cutting and sticking. These hands-on activities are great! I CANNOT wait to use these and I'm sure you will love them too!


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