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  • Fatimah Ahmad

Can Color Improve Learning?

Giving children a coloring page at school is quite a common occurrence throughout the whole of Kindergarten and Elementary but have we considered just how much it improves their learning?

Research suggests that color improves memory performance and can be very effective in learning. Information becomes easier to process when it is presented in color so whenever we show children books and flashcards that are visually appealing we are immediately making the learning process easier based on what this research says.

Now that refers to color in general, but what about the idea of coloring itself? As coloring takes time and therefore requires a certain degree of attention it is said that there is greater chance of the 'stimuli' to be stored in our permanent memory. So, lets say you are teaching different vocabulary for the letters of the alphabet and you use this great Phonics Coloring Book. As children spend time coloring these pictures they are internalising the picture itself and everything that has been said about it. Therefore, their learning outcomes are greatly improved.

Desert Learning Ltd has a great coloring book that you can invest in to help your students/children learn lots of vocabulary with 100+ pages that contain numerous pictures for each letter of the alphabet.

These are just some of the lovely pictures it contains. There are a few pictures for each letter and they are a great way to consolidate learning. They work hand in hand with the flashcards that are available in full color.

Giving your students a coloring page is no longer just a time filler. You can feel confident knowing it is most definitely a part of their learning journey. Happy coloring!


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