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Desert Learning was first established in 2016 after a group of teachers discovered the need for more accessible resources for their students. 

Many schools implementing an international curriculum also purchase books that are targeted to the native English speaker. This can be quite problematic.

Desert Learning was then developed as a solution which teachers and students can follow with ease. The idea was to tailor the learning journey to students who often didn't have any prior exposure to English. Our products have been trialled and adapted accordingly in order to offer the best teaching and learning experience for pupils in the Middle East.

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Desert Learning aims to provide a complete learning journey for children with limited English and transform them into confident readers and writers.

As children progress with our products they will learn to:

  • Read using our comprehensive phonics programme

  • Recognise essential sight words

  • Write a range of sentences

  • Write with a purpose

  • Develop speaking skills

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